Britains next top model…

So Tiffany won. She might have had the shittest voice i’ve ever heard, but who cares when u r that ridiculously slammin. I’m not too hot on my blondes – but Tiffs switched up to the broon for the tail end of the series and it works a treat.

Joy was another series highlight. A poor man’s Effy (Skins). She may have been more suited to a doll office queue and her teeth are pointing in all different directions, but when they dolled her up she looked a billion bucks.

Elle Macpherson presented the series – how the hell does she still look so amazing? She’s almost 50!!! Susan Boyle was born in exactly the same year – so what the hell has happened there then?

Finally, I wanna add the shoot they did with George Lamb. Other than it being a really hot shoot, Lamby is stupidly handsome. The dolly’s look good, but really, he’s blowing them all out the water in this shoot. Watch it Effron – Lamb’s hot on yer heels. I wanna start wearing suits all the time.


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