LA ink…

LA ink is a kinda crappy show – it definitely makes everyone in Los Angeles seem like a total priiiiii. But it’s kinda addictive – and the guys in the shop definitely know what they are doing. Can’t decide whether Von D is on the list tho? She’s kinda gross – but she’s also mega slammy. See this pic with her new tattoo concealer – covered up she is undeniably hot.

But then she’s slammy when tatted to the max – even if she does look a bit like a punk rock Kat Slater from eastenders.

That Kim Saigh though – full on punk rock jennifer aniston. Real hot


3 Responses to “LA ink…”

  1. helenium Says:

    oh my god. Von D is so photoshopped in that top pic, cover up aside! she doesn’t look even slightly the same, where is her potato head????


  2. Sus Says:

    its actually not photoshopped, it was a photo shoot they did for her (at the time) new perfume, not a cover up

  3. Let Says:

    I actually like her personality as far as you can say that you see someones personality on a tv show, but if that picture ain’t photoshopped then she definitly lost a few pounds before the shoot, cuz she didn’t have that waisteline 4sure!

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