Argh. Just came across this. So badass. Anyone remember this? Thank you good parents for getting me one – I must have looked like the coolest kid in the whole world when rolling on this. Had the siiiiiiiiiiiiiick sound box on it too – just to draw extra attention.

Starting to understand why I used to get beat up so much.


2 Responses to “WILDCAT…”

  1. katebauhaus Says:

    Yes!! My brother had one, that I instantly stole. SOOO GOOD! What was the sound box bit? I remember it vaguely but can’t actually remember what the point was. It was so badass though.

  2. Richard Deeeeee Says:

    I had one as well, I think it made attack noises, like PEEEEEEOOOOWWWW, DUSH DUSH DUSH and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Basically the best bike on the streets.

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