The Brits…

Watched the Brits the other night. There were some highs, there were many lows. Peter Kay was abhorrent as presenter (‘cept when he dissed gallagher – who was loathsome and vile), Lily Allen looked like some old rattled east end bar lady (she looked a bit like Dorian from Birds of a Feather) and Tweedy’s miming was just embarrasing (although she did look totally slammin). Apparently Duffy qualifies in the top 10 British albums over the past 30 years! THIRTY YEARS – you telling me we can’t do better than Duffy & Keane.
But was good to see Dizzee smashing it on stage with F&TM and picking up an award himself. It was nice to see JLS nail it – I mean, i’m no fan, but they seem like nize boys and they deserve it (even the dick’ed with viennese whirls in his hair). And Halliwell – what’s happened too ya? – ur smokin nowadays. Seriously slammin mum vibes – making her way straight into my top ten over thirtys list).


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