Happy New Year…

I have been so rubbs with my blog recently – things have been soooooo busy. But one of my nezzie-lutions is to blog more frequently. And i’ll try and do it about more interesting things – not just hot broons and alpacas.

My other resolutions are as follows:
1) end the year with my bank balance at zero (i hate that having 0 coin will represent an achievement!)
2) make the most I can of my lil’ side project (more to come on that soon)
3) toning. haha. I’m in pretty good shape as is (i hope), but as the years slip away, u gotta hold on to it for as long as you can. (So expect to see me sweating and panting to the max whilst running round a park near you)

My xmas was so ace, as always. 5 days at home with the fam is just so SO good. Is 26 too old to move back in with the folks? Coz I really wanna. Over the xmas period I did the usual festivities – mulled wine at borough market, went to 2 pantos (pammy one was brilliant – she’s still got it!, but as usual, Clive Rowe’s show stealing performance at the hackney empire was still the best – even tho the guy playing wishy washy was a total douche), went to the horses at Kempton (and lost a a load), played poker with the family (and lost a load), ridiculously acted the role of prince charming in the work party pantomime (was soooooo embarrasing but quite fun too), received some amazing presents (including a badass drinks globe bar from the missus) – and loads more amazing and fun things. i really love xmas – it’s easily my favourite.

Anyway, i’m going on like some old washer woman.

check back schoooooon


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