Beautiful losers…

Beautiful losers is a documentary about a group of like minded ‘outsiders’ who found solace in various do it yourself subcultures during their youth. Skateboarding, graffiti, surfing, punk and hiphop – Beautiful Losers focuses on a group of people whose interests were akin.

Featuring artists such as Barry McHee, Ed Templeton, Mike Mills and the amazing Margaret Killgallen, the film was such a sweet insight into a world where their ‘outside’ is now being celebrated as popular & mainstream.

I had such an affinity with the film. I remember when we were all kids and we had no money of our own, and we would spend all day and night just skating, exploring the city, hanging out and trying to be creative with our time. It’s just great that these guys are still doing that and people are loving their work. Was so funny seeing Templton as an older, slightly overweight artist instead of tearing it up for Toy Machine like I used to idolise him for.



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