Graham Fink…

I went to see go and see Advertising ‘GOD’, Graham Fink last night talk about what inspires him and his thoughts on the industry. Now I am far from a sceptic. I am not one of those people who don’t like ‘stuff’ coz i’ve seen it done better elsewhere. But I must say, I came out of this lecture feeling a little disillusioned and let down. It’s wasn’t Graham himself that annoyed me (although he was a little bit of a douche). I guess it was the consummation of seeing all these advertising ‘old boys’ lectures recently and finding them to be almost indistinguishable. There is definitely a formula with these talks. The most patronising bit was when Graham (like all the others), showed us slides of ‘what really inspires him’. Predictably, it was photos he had taken of ‘things around him’, things on a ‘street level’, things that we ‘take for granted’. Things like broken walls, ripped fly posters, accidental splattering of paint, interesting arrangements of litter. Graham – u are not a higher being capable of slowing down the whole world, taking in it’s idiosyncratic elements whilst they pass everyone else by. We ALL notice this stuff. We are ALL aware of the little special things around us. If that’s what inspires these guys, then I fully expect us all to be legends in our fields one day.
Nice bloke though. Id have him round for a cup of tea.


ps – i’ve used a lot of inverted commas in this post. That’s all.


One Response to “Graham Fink…”

  1. katebauhaus Says:

    Soooo true. Such a good post.

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