Dan Deacon…

Just booked my tiks to see Dan Deacon at ULU next month. You should too. Why? Why – because even though he looks like a jacket potato, this man is fun personified. He’s celebration made flesh. He’s wing-ding exteriorized. He’s enchantment in human form. In short, this guy does blinding parties and u don’t wanna miss out.


Random YouTube comment puts it way better than I have:

Picture 1


One Response to “Dan Deacon…”

  1. Henri Says:

    Yes I saw Dan Deacon at Roskilde last year and he was incredible. I missed him in Auckland while I was home much to my disappointment but that was reportedly incredible as well and was talked about by NZ’s most popular right wing talk radio presenter who happened to stumble past the club where it was on right when Deacon had gotten everybody out in the street in a dance circle. This then inspired a remix of his reportage of the events…


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