Stumbled across this badass shop the other morning in posh West London. Sold your standard necessities you know – fossils, bits of meteorite, huge crystals, rare gems & stones, one million year old tree trunk, oh, and a T REX head!!!! Look at that in the shop window! I love dinosaurs – when I win the lottery, the first thing I wanna buy is a HUGE, full T_Rex skeleton for my living room. Imagine that. Not sure if you’re even allowed to do that, besides the point – but in the mean time I best start saving up for this skull. If only I could remember where the shop was again.



2 Responses to “BEST.SHOP.EVER”

  1. katebauhaus Says:

    Erm, that’s AMAZING!!! Surely as illegal as that guy who had the stuffed polar bear and bengal tiger in Get Stuffed in Islington. Was it actually for sale?! Did it have a price?? x

  2. thesvenhunter Says:

    Lovely. Saw a hippo skull in a jeweller’s in Camden market the other day. F***ing expensive mind you.

    Also I love how this post “possibly relates” to a review of Magnus Mills’ ‘The Scheme For Full Employment’.

    It just doesn’t.

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