Such a fox…

Megan Fox is just so so slammin on this months Empire magazine. Sossamon, pack ur bags – ur out the top three love.



3 Responses to “Such a fox…”

  1. katebauhaus Says:

    That’s quite mental, I posted this on Passey’s facebook last night too. Get out of my brain Baigues.

    She doesn’t really have a Transformers tattoo on her arm does she? Reeeeeally hope not.

  2. baby baigues Says:

    Er………really? That’s like the milliunf time that’s happened. So Spooky.
    She could have an ‘I love Hans Fritzl” tattoo on her forhead for all I care, she is mad mad hot! x

  3. katebauhaus Says:

    Yeah fair point, she really could. She said she fancies Efron becasue she thinks he looks like her. So….she fancies herself? Again, fair enough.


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