Burger club…

The homemade burger is a wonderful, yet ambiguous concept. Wikipedia states that the term “burger” has now become generic, and may refer to sandwiches that have ground meat, chicken, fish (or even vegetarian) fillings other than a beef patty, but share the characteristic round bun. There are few rules to the burger construct, which has lead to us holding our very own weekly Burger club. Every week at home, me, james, Benny, Gove & Ads take it in turns to lay down our individual interpretations on our bun enveloped friend.
We are now into week three, and having been treated to delicious chicken and mexican treats from Adam and Benny, James pulled it out the bag last night with his Chicken Tikka Timebomb. He spoke ambitiously of a new kind of burger, one that had yet to exsist as we knew it. A kiev like construction with a chicken tikka hit, intended to explode in ur mouf holes when the timer counts down – Chick Tikk Boom!
They were amazing.



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