Martin Fowler and Juliette

I have wanted to go to the Globe theatre for ages now. I’ve lived in London most of my whole life and despite knowing it like the back of my hand (which, on second thought, I probably wouldn’t be able to pick out of a line up of only 3 similar hands. Such a stupid saying.), have never been to the Globe. So I went last night with Fresh and the Hitman. The building is amazing. I was instantly awash with that fuzzy romantic feeling you only get at Christmas and at that bit where Ryan Phillipe is standing at the top of the escalator waiting for Reese Witherspoon in Cruel intentions. It does look rather a lot though like the inside of Liberty’s in town as well.
The show we saw was rubbs. Some sort of pantomime rendition of Romeo and Juliette (surely the whiniest female protagonist in literature) featuring Martin “Do me a favour” Fowler from eastenders. Was a bit like buying the sweetest mansion on the block and filling it with argos furniture.
I took a blurry photo. I had to be quick coz the steward was a lamewad and had already told me off once for using my phone.



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